Small-leaved Linden Tree – 6/21/20

Observer: Paul Lauenstein

Observation Date: 6/21/20

Observation Time: 4:35 p.m.

Observation Location: Corner of Gavins Pond Rd. and Col. Gridley Rd.

Common Name: Small-leaved Linden Tree

Scientific Name: Tilia cordata

Comments: Tilia cordata, commonly called small-leaved linden or little-leaf linden, is native to Europe. It has been widely planted in the U.S. as an ornamental shade tree because of its (a) attractive foliage, (b) dense, low-branched, pyramidal to ovate form and (c) tolerance for urban conditions. Ornamental features include fragrant pale yellow flowers in late spring.

The edges of the leaf blades have small teeth. This specimen is about 25 feet tall.

More Information: Missouri Botanical Garden