Ringneck Snake – 6/11/24

Observer: Anna Baur

Observation Date: 6/11/24

Observation Time: 4:00 pm

Observation Location: Old Wolomolopoag Street

Common Name: Ringneck Snake

Scientific Name: Diadophis punctatus

Comments: Ringneck snakes prefer moist woodlands as their habitat. This is also habitat for an important prey item, redback salamanders. Although salamanders make up the bulk of their diet, ringnecks will also feed on earthworms, insects and, on occasion, fish.

As relatively small snakes, they rarely bask in the open and are generally found under cover (rocks, logs, boards, debris) during the day. Like the salamanders on which they prey, ringnecks are usually nocturnal. They are most active in spring and fall and are rarely seen during summer. Among all the New England snakes, ringnecks are most likely to end up in someone’s basement. Ringneck snakes rarely bite, but may release a foul musk when handled.

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