Moth Fly or Drain Fly – 7/1/23

Observer: Gaurav Shah

Observation Date: 7/1/23

Observation Time: 4:00 p.m.

Observation Location: trail off Billings St.

Common Name: Moth Fly or Drain Fly

Scientific Name: Family Psychodidae, possibly genus Pericoma

Comments: There are many species of flies in the family Psychodidae. Some are called “drain flies” because they thrive in the drains of sinks and commonly infest bathrooms. Other species in this family are called “moth flies” because they have fuzzy bodies and feathery antennae that are characteristic of many species of moths. The fact that this specimen was observed in the woods and not in a bathroom suggests that it is a type of moth fly.

More Information: Missouri Dept. of Conservation and Wikipedia