Luna Moth (caterpillar) – 8/20/22

Observer: Josh Simons

Observation Date: 8/20/22

Observation Time: 10:15 a.m.

Observation Location: Moose Hill area

Common Name: Luna Moth (caterpillar)

Scientific Name: Actias luna

Comments: This luna moth caterpillar was crossing the street, so I moved it to safety.

WIth a wing span of up to four inches, bright green luna moths are one of the most spectacular moths in our area. Adults are very strong fliers and are attracted to lights. Mating takes place from May to July after midnight, and egg-laying begins the same night. Females lay eggs in small groups or singly on both surfaces of host plant leaves. The eggs hatch in about one week. The caterpillars are sedentary, solitary feeders. Leaves and silk are used to spin papery brown cocoons in litter under the host plant.

More Information: Butterflies & Moths of North America and Wikipedia