Green Heron – 8/5/13

Observer: Keevin Geller

Observation Date: 8/5/13

Observation Time: 5:00 p.m.

Observation Location: Saw Mill Pond, Sharon

Common Name: Green Heron

Scientific Name: Butorides virescens

Comments: Green Herons are common breeders in coastal and inland wetlands. They nest along swamps, marshes, lakes, ponds, impoundments, and other wet habitats with trees and shrubs to provide secluded nest sites. They may even nest in dry woods and orchards as long as there is water nearby for foraging. Green Herons spend the winter in southern coastal areas of their range, and in marine and freshwater habitat throughout Mexico and Central America.

More Information: Cornell Lab of Ornithology “All About Birds”

Green Heron