Eastern Box Turtle – 8/10/23

Observer: Rene & David Dearborn

Observation Date: 8/10/23

Observation Time:

Observation Location: 104 Mountain St.

Common Name: Eastern Box Turtle

Scientific Name: Terrapene carolina 

Comments: Box turtles are a Species of Special Concern in Massachusetts. A Species of Special Concern is any species of plant or animal which has been documented by biological research and inventory to have suffered a decline that could threaten the species if allowed to continue unchecked or that occurs in such small numbers or with such a restricted distribution or specialized habitat requirements that it could easily become threatened within the commonwealth.

Please do not move or disturb box turtles except to move them out of harm’s way, such as when they are found in a roadway.

More Information: Natural History and Endangered Species

What to do if you find a turtle: https://www.mass.gov/guides/turtles-of-massachusetts#turtles-in-the-road