Common Merganser – 2/26/18

Observer: Deb Radovsky

Observation Date: 2/26/18

Observation Time: N/A

Observation Location: Lake Massapoag

Common Name: Common Merganser

Scientific Name: Mergus merganser

Comments: Common Mergansers are sometimes called sawbills, fish ducks, or goosanders. The word “merganser” comes from the Latin and roughly translates to “plunging goose”—a good name for this very large and often submerged duck.

Young Common Mergansers leave their nest hole within a day or so of hatching. The flightless chicks leap from the nest entrance and tumble to the forest floor. The mother protects the chicks, but they catch all of their own food. They start by diving for aquatic insects and switch over to fish at about 12 days old.

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