Canada x Greylag Hybrid Goose – 3/12/09

Observer: Paul Lauenstein

Observation Date: 3/12/09

Observation Time: 7:45 a.m.

Observation Location: Soccer field by Gavins Pond Road

Common Name: Canada x Greylag hybrid goose

Scientific Name:

Comments: This morning I saw a strange goose among the Canada geese at the Gavins Pond soccer field nearest to Gavins Pond Road. It had a distinct white line all the way around the base of its dark beak, light gray cheeks with a dark head and neck, and dull orange legs (the Canada geese had black legs). The transition from the gray cheeks to the dark head was not as sharp as that of the Canada geese, and the gray cheek patch was quite a bit larger than the white “chin strap” of the Canada geese. The body and rump were very similar to the Canada geese. It looked like the some of the Canada x Greylag hybrids shown here except that it had a dark beak, and the white line around the base of the beak was more distinct.

I watched it fly in alone and land on the field among the Canada geese, which is why I noticed it in the first place.

This goose looked exactly like one photographed by Will Sweet earlier this winter. See:

More Information: Flickr: Hybrid Birds