Golden-crowned Kinglet – 11/25/23

Observer: Faith Berkland

Observation Date: 11/25/23

Observation Time: 3:10 pm

Observation Location: 302 Mansfield Street Sharon, MA

Common Name: Golden-crowned Kinglet

Scientific Name: Regulus satrapa

Comments: Had camera but wasn’t close enough to get a good shot.

Golden-crowned Kinglets are boldly marked with a black eyebrow stripe and flashy lemon-yellow crest. A good look can require some patience, as they spend much of their time high up in dense spruce or fir foliage. To find them, listen for their high, thin call notes and song. Though barely larger than a hummingbird, this frenetically active bird can survive –40 degree nights, sometimes huddling together for warmth. They breed in the far north and montane west and visit most of North America during winter.

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