Black Bear – 6/24/23

Observer: Richard Mandel

Observation Date: 6/24/23

Observation Time: at night

Observation Location: Mountain Street

Common Name: American Black Bear

Scientific Name: Ursus Americanus

Comments: This black bear destroyed two bird feeders at our house during the night of June 24, 2023, and devoured the contents of the feeders. In addition it left some droppings.

American black bears have better eyesight and hearing than humans. Their keenest sense is their sense of smell, which is about seven times more sensitive than a domestic dog’s.

American black bears tend to be territorial and non-gregarious in nature. Bear sightings in Sharon are rare. This young bear might have been passing through Sharon seeking a territory of its own.

More Information: Wikipedia

Black Bear video June 24, 2023

bear droppings: