American Bullfrog – 7/16/10

Observer: Paul Lauenstein

Observation Date: 7/16/10

Observation Time: 5:25 a.m.

Observation Location: Beaver Brook near tennis court

Common Name: American Bullfrog

Scientific Name: Rana catesbeiana

Comments: Bullfrogs are voracious, opportunistic, ambush predators that prey on any small animal they can overpower and stuff down their throats. Bullfrog stomachs have been found to contain rodents, small reptiles, amphibians, crayfish, birds, and bats, as well as the many invertebrates, such as insects, which are the usual food of ranid frogs. These studies revealed the bullfrog’s diet to be unique among North American ranids in the inclusion of a large percentage of aquatic animals, such as fish, tadpoles, ram’s horn snails, and dytiscid beetles. Bullfrogs can capture large, strong prey because of the powerful grip of their jaws after the initial ranid tongue strike.

More Information: Wikipedia