Moose Hill Community Farm

Moose Hill Community FarmMoose Hill Community Farm is part of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). Members buy shares in the farm and receive fresh, locally grown food every week during the growing season (June through October).

A “full share” is usually enough for a family of four or a couple on a vegetarian diet, and a “single share” is about half this amount. As part of their share, all CSA shareholders agree to assist at the farm for six hours throughout the growing season. The work is usually divided between harvesting and assisting at the distribution table. This helps reduce expenses and lets shareholders learn about and participate in food production. Although the CSA is full for 2010, potential members can or call 781-784-5691 to get on the waiting list for this year or the mailing list for next year.

Moose Hill BarnAll produce is certified organic, using organic growing techniques such as crop rotation, companion planting, green manuring, and composting. Crops are planted in succession to provide support for biodiversity and a continuous weekly supply of mixed vegetables. Crops include beans, beets, carrots, cucumbers, summer squash, zucchini, peas, mustard greens, salad greens, arugula, kale/braising greens, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, corn, herbs, strawberries, sunflowers, and zinnias. During the 2010 growing season, there will also be several kinds of melons and more lettuces and greens.

The Moose Hill Community Farm barn in the picture above was built by Country Carpenters, which specializes in authentic colonial New England post and beam construction. The solar panels on the barn as well as on the new addition to the Audubon Sanctuary on Moose Hill Street allow for “net metering,” whereby excess electricity obtained by the panels (or other energy-producing sources) is credited to the customer. Moose Hill Audubon reports a significant reduction in their overall electric bill as a result.