Short-tailed Weasel – 3/12/23

Observer: Michael Bissanti

Observation Date: 3/12/23

Observation Time: morning

Observation Location: Moose Hill St.

Common Name: Short-tailed wWeasel

Scientific Name: Mustela erminea

Comments: White undersides (as opposed to cream-colored), white feet, and small size differentiate short-tailed weasels from long-tailed weasels. Mink are all brown. Short-tailed weasels are also known as a stoats. In winter, they turn all white with a black-tipped tail, and are called ermine.

This weasel tunneled under a chicken wire fence and killed eight chickens before being caught in a Have-A-Heart trap. It was released with permission at a wildlife sanctuary.

More Information: FactZoo

short-tailed weasel