Save Money & the Planet

SFOC is taking part in a local effort called Sharon Saves, whose objective is to reduce Sharon’s carbon footprint by conserving energy, and replacing fossil fuel energy with clean, renewable solar energy. Sharon Saves is supporting two carbon-saving projects that are stated to save subscribers money.

1) Conserving energy with home energy assessments

Homeworks Energy arranges for people to get a free home energy assessment. A home energy assessment will help identify cost-effective steps that the homeowner can take to conserve energy in the home, like better insulation or a more efficient heating system, and to find rebates to bring down the cost. The home energy assessor will also provide bright, energy-saving LED bulbs, efficient thermostats, and low-flow showerheads at no cost to the homeowner.

2) Clean, renewable solar energy without rooftop panels

Relay Power offers homeowners the chance to participate in community solar farms. For a number of reasons 80% of Massachusetts homes cannot put solar panels on their roofs, but most households can replace fossil fuel heating with solar energy by joining a community solar farm. Participants pay no up-front cost, can save 10% on electric bills, and help create a more sustainable future for their children and grandchildren.

If you have questions, please contact Homeworks Energy or Relay Power:

Kurt Buermann, SFOC president, can also explain some details:

For every home energy assessment referred by an SFOC member, Homeworks Energy will donate $15 to SFOC. For every household referred by an SFOC member that signs up for community solar, Relay Power will donate $200 to SFOC. This will help SFOC continue to undertake worthwhile projects to improve access to Sharon’s open spaces and protect Sharon’s natural environment.

Please consider a home energy assessment and solar power for your home and  spread the word to your friends and neighbors.