Be a Trail Steward


As of 2016,  Sharon’s four major trails are pretty much laid out and traversable. This is thanks to the Sharon Conservation Commission, Sharon Boy Scout Troop 95, and the Sharon Friends of Conservation.

At this point we encounter the need for ongoing maintenance of those trails and others in the Town. If the trails are tended to regularly, lots of small touches can head off major problems later on.
A trail steward can take care of a trail near their home, a favorite trail, or one they use frequently.  It would be up to them to maintain a length of trail. This would include litter removal, pruning, checking signage and trail markers, and no less important, reporting problems. If a large job were needed, SFOC would enlist the aid of several stewards to work together on it.
By becoming familiar with a portion of trail, the steward will better appreciate its maintenance needs and be able to suggest improvements. Ideally a steward would patrol their section of trail once or twice a month; in the winter, perhaps once a month or less. Several maintenance orientation sessions will be available for anyone interested.
To become a steward, please call or email SFOC president, Kurt Buermann:
To see the major trails, please visit
Tips on trail maintenance- please see: