RIFLS: Monitoring Sharon Streams

SFOC members have been daily measuring stream flow at six locations in Sharon for the past three years. Two stream flow gauges are located along Beaver Brook in the Neponset watershed, and four are located along Billings Brook in the northwest corner of the Taunton watershed. Graphs of stream flow and stream depth can be seen at the River Instream Flow Stewards (RIFLS) program of Mass Riverways. You can enter any time period of interest up to 12 months to view a graph of flow or depth.

The data can help understand the relationships among stream flow, rainfall, seasonal vegetation growth, well pumping, and impervious surfaces, which cause flash flooding and impede groundwater recharge that keeps streams flowing between rain storms. The gauges are strategically located above and below the two largest municipal wells in Sharon. The data can also be used to asses how much water can be withdrawn during drought conditions before the streams dry up completely.

The web site also shows photos and maps of the six sites.