Olive-sided Flycatcher – 5/16/20

Observer: Paul Lauenstein

Observation Date: 5/16/20

Observation Time: 6:45 a.m.

Observation Location: near Gavins Pond

Common Name: Olive-sided flycatcher

Scientific Name: Contopus cooperi

Comments: I encountered this bird perched about 30 feet up in a leafless tree on the right side of the trail leading from the soccer fields to Gavins Pond dam, where the trail emerges from the woods and bends left toward the dam.

The white patches were quite distinctive and caught my eye immediately as I approached from a distance. I was astonished to see this bird, as I had never seen anything before in Sharon with such dramatic white patches. It seemed to me as if such eye-catching white patches might be an evolutionary disadvantage because they would be noticeable to hawks and other predators.
Speaking of predators, I saw what I think was a weasel or a mink in the bushes near the far left corner of the inner soccer field parking lot. It was surprisingly small – about 10” to 12” long I’d say. Unfortunately I did not get a photo of it as it scampered away.

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