Black Racer – 8/10/23

Observer: Bruce Lewis

Observation Date: 8/10/23

Observation Time: 4:00 pm

Observation Location: Near the intersection of Moose Hill st and Walpole st. In the section of the woods bordering the street and just outside the field where Wards Berry Farm grows crops.

Common Name: Black Racer

Scientific Name: Coluber constrictor

Comments: Reptiles are cold-blooded so they warm themselves by basking. This black racer was seen sunning itself on a warm winter day. It didn’t stretch out for me but I would estimate it was about 2 feet long. This must be a young one because lack racers can reach 5 feet in length.

Although they are not venemous, black racers are fast (hence their name) and can be aggressive toward humans.

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